I have been working with Ankia Roodman for two years. During this period she has demonstrated that she is a very trustworthy and a reliable person. Over the past two years Mrs.Roodman gave her practical input and excellent advice. I have always been confident to ask for her assistance when the need arises.

Mrs.Roodman has proven to be a dedicated person, who devotes a great deal of time to meticulous preparation and planning. She involves herself fully in her pupils individual development. She has developed the skill, through her many years experience of easily identifying pupils individual strengths and weaknesses. Any child will find her excellent observation skills and early intervention beneficial. Mrs.Roodman has developed an excellent working relationship with all parents, children and facilitators.

Because of Ankia’s good judgement and proven work habits, I would highly recommend her to anyone.

  • Carina Solomons (Facilitator)