A positive attitude and a holistic approach are the foundation for
developing social, communication and relationship skills.

Our role

Our role is to manage and support families/facilitators/schools with your child’s intervention program or IBI program (Individual Behavioural Intervention Program). We also assist with developmental programs, daily routines, as well as social and emotional programs.

People with ASD and Social Communication challenges may share common characteristics, however we also acknowledge that each individual is unique exhibiting their own strengths and challenges. Due to this, we aim on focusing on individualised goals rather than group norms for each child. In order to achieve the best outcome for our children, we welcome the assistance of other professionals such as psychologists, speech and occupational therapists or paediatricians, should it be necessary, as we want the best possible outcome for each and every child.

Focus on Ankia

Ankia began her career in the financial corporate industry. Despite enjoying her work she always was drawn to the idea of ‘making a difference in a child’s life’. This desire stems from being raised within a family which has always been involved in supporting individuals with various special needs.

In 2007 Ankia began working within the field of Autism alongside educational specialists and various other health professionals. Her role included supporting families, schools, care-givers, facilitators and tutors with the integration of practical intervention strategies for age groups ranging from 2 years to young adults.

Ankia exhibits a passion for individuals with ASD and has worked with individuals with varying degrees of Autism. Her passion for the work comes from her need to understand how individuals with ASD see and experience the world.

“My journey of working with children with special needs has been filled with rewards. It was a change in career I do not regret making and a journey I will never forget. ” – Ankia