Early intervention means to intervene as early as possible and to work on your child’s ASD characteristics.

Early interventions can be defined as various therapies (speech or occupational) or strategies (behavioural programmes) that are put in place in order to help your child to meet their developmental milestones. The sooner this intervention is started the more effective it will be for your child. Another imperative reason for early intervention is that it coincides with early brain development of a child with ASD.

A big cause of difficult behaviour for children with ASD is their inability to communicate effectively.

Thus, teaching them communication skills early on as well as appropriate social skills, will improve their ability to communicate effectively. They will feel more understood by loved ones and teachers which will reduce levels of frustration and anxiety and ultimately have a positive effect on their overall behaviour.

Keep in mind that early intervention is the ideal strategy, but older child or adults can also benefit from receiving intervention.