Ankia Roodmans involvement with our son’s intervention program and her input in to his development has really been of value to us as parents. Ankia helped us to develop a program for our son’s specific developmental needs that was practical and very comprehensive and based on a PBI tutoring method.

We were extremely satisfied with her program as well as her visits to our home and as a mother I valued her advice and ideas immensely. Ankia also spent time mentoring me on how to implement structured play activities with our son and for the first time since he was born I could actually do fun activities with him and keep his interest thanks to her tips and advice.

She taught us that everything is a learning opportunity and showed us piratical ways around the home to support his growth and development. She helped us to create more structure in his day to day home life.

I would recommend her to any family, without her help and support we would be lost and our son’s progress would have been slower.

  • Lara Kirsten