I just want to convey my appreciation for the impact you had on my son and on us as a family. From the moment we were recommended to you by Dr Truter you were from the word go willing to help with all that needed to be done. You’ve helped me find a facilitator for me my son which was a very daunting task for me, because I did not know want to look for but you were there every step of the way.

And through the guidance from you and your staff my son has made tremendous leaps and bounds and would not have been where he is today without all your help and input.

The knowledge you imparted to my son’s facilitator not only helped my son but will be knowledge that the facilitator will be able to use in her career as a teacher going forward. I am thankful and grateful for all your help. I would recommend any family with children that are on the Asperger’s spectrum to get you to help them. You’ve helped my son become this talkative little boy who now makes friends and are able to share jokes whereas at first he did not communicate at all. Everybody involved with him can see the improvement in him and that is thanks to you.

Thank you once again for all your help, it is appreciated!

  • Chorrine